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  • Choy Lee Fut Black Sash Testing 2017

  • Choy Lee Fut Black Sash Ceremony

    On September 9th 2017 Golden Lion Studios of Bakersfield Ca. Held a “Black Sash” test for two long time students.  Alex Dedios & Arturo Chavez.

    These 2 1/2hour tests consisted of Choy Lee Fut (family style) Hand and weapon forms, two-man forms, wooden dummy and sand bag dummy forms, a Tai Chi form and ended by demonstrating their fighting skills, (sparring each other and fellow students).

    Our school was honored by the visit and participation of Grand Master Fu Hang Ng of Los Angeles. And a big thank you to Ian (student of Fu Hang Ng) and Shihlin his wife for bringing him. This was a great day for all, students, family members and the Choy Lee Fut Federation of America.

    The day ended with a feast at the China Palace restaurant.

    Thank you to my Sifu, Grand Master Fu Hang Ng and all involved,

    ~ Sifu Roman Ruiz