• Sifu Roman Ruiz

  • Sifu Roman Ruiz started studying martial arts in the late 1970’s. He became a Choy Lee Fut practitioner in 1992. His instructor, Master Fu Hang Ng,  (see above). is a fifth generation descendant of the founder Chang Heung.

    Sifu Roman believes strongly that the (essential spirit of Choy Lee Fut is in remembering its origin and holding onto its tradition). This shows throughout his teachings which include forms, Chinese weaponry, fighting skills, lion dancing, tai chi and even tea ceremonies.

    Sifu Roman has competed in tournaments locally and in such cities as San Jose, San Francisco and New York allowing him to build good relationships with other martial art practitioners from a variety of different styles. This has resulted in forming a strong network of martial art practitioners from around the world.

    Sifu Roman’s visit to the city of King Mui, the birth place of Choy Lee Fut, in China has given him a strong respect for this art and the intention for which it was founded.

    Sifu Roman Ruiz

    Sifu Roman was appointed the Vice President of the Choy Lee Federation of U.S.A. on 08/04/2002 by Master Fu Hang Ng with the intention of expanding the federation and its art throughout the United States.

    Sifu Roman invites you to call and say hello or stop by to have some tea.